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 Champs MasteryDivision Training     December 19, 2018  
Division Training Minimize

Champs Mastery - Empowering Real Estate People


(See "Horizon Events" for Schedule)

(Horizon Members: FREE) 


Presenting our latest initiative "Meet the DD Session". This 1-to-1 Mentorship Session shall be conducted twice a week on every Monday and Thursday, 10am-2pm. Horizon Group"s harmonious & sharing culture allows all our agents to talk to any of the DDs(Division Directors), irregardless of which manager he is under. Most agents feed backed that after having gone through the Mentorship session with our DDs, they feel empowered with new insights to bring them to the next greater heights! 


(See "Horizon Events" for Schedule)

WAP (A Yearly membership fee of $388. Horizon Members: FREE) 

Frequency: Once every month

Thanks to the initiative of fellow Team Mate Alex Ong, finally a Program for part-timers!! A course designed to help you leverage on others for more time and expertise, where leaders are there to hold your hands even tighter! And its FREE!Those who are interested in getting yourself more involved in this real estate career and to sack your current job boss SOON, this is a Program Not to be Missed!!
Part-timers are encouraged to know fellow part-timers during this ongoing program so that there will be a chance of collaboration with one another; this could be very crucial especially so when time constraint is a major obstacle for most part-timers!
Every month on a weekday night, there will be an intensive sharing and brainstorming session led primarily by Division Director Eugene Lee, to address to the various concerns of all horizon members. In Horizon Group, you will Not be Left Walking Alone!!  


(See "Horizon Events" for Schedule)

WSP ($268 dollars for one day workshop. Horizon Members: FREE)

Frequency: Once every three to six months, subject to attendance.

Feeling lost when meeting potential clients?? General feedback from new agents: "I had learnt everything I needed to know during classroom-based teachings. However, when I meet clients, I still feel lost and nervous!" DO NOT FRET! WSP is designed to give you practical trainings and practices so that you can perform CONFIDENTLY in front of clients using the teachings that you had learnt from us! A whole day role playing workshop for our agents to train them on exclusive presentations. Trainees will treat trainers as clients, and hence from rapport building to fact finding to signing exclusives, they will perform in front of us, one to one! There will be a checklist to gauge their performances. After the workshop, all trainees are expected to be more confident in presentations! A MUST-ATTEND training for ALL!


(See "Horizon Events" for Schedule)

Horizon Leadership Workshop ($188 dollars. Horizon Members: FREE)

Frequency: Once every three to six months, subject to attendance.

Trainer: John Lee - ERA Group Division Director - ERA TOP 50 Achievers 2010 & 2011

TOPIC: How I Achieved ERA TOP RECRUITER for the Past 8 out of 12 Months?

For those who desire to be ERA Division Director/Aspire to Build a team, the workshop covers;

     1)Understanding ERA & Horizon Division

     2)Horizon Group Vision & Recruitment Targets the Next 2-3 Years

     3)Comparison of Different Real Estate Agencies

     4)Target Group to Recruit

     5)Horizon Resources to close the Potential Agent Candidate within 45 minutes

     6)Turning Adversity into OPPORTUNITIES to Recruit even more!

     7)How to Leverage your Work Load & Proposed Joint Field work with the Agents you have

     8)Career Prospects ERA Division Director



(See "Horizon Events" for Schedule)

Commercial Realtor  ($2800 dollars. Horizon Members: $288)

       Keen to Venture into Commercial Properties but totally clueless about doing it? Our Specially Designed 3 Full Days Commercial Realtor Programme will show you the way from securing listings, marketing, negotiation and finally the closing process. Conducted in workshop approach, this programme engages all participants with an interactive learning experience with both classroom and field tour lessons.



(See "Horizon Events" for Schedule)

WSS (a yearly membership fee of $388. Horizon Members: FREE)

Frequency: Once every two weeks.
Led by our Division Directors and Leaders, the WSS Session is held on every Bi-Monday afternoon 1 pm at our very own office building Hersing Hub. During the 1.5 hours of intensive session, the trainer will share with our "Horizon Mates" on their niche experiences on how he performs in his area of speciality. This session encourages all our "Horizon Mates" to get to know each other better and share with each other their sales experiences for the past weeks. In this way, our Leaders and associates are able to connect with one another better and possibilities of joint field works will be higher, especially with the new associates.




(See "Horizon Events" for Schedule)

WOC ($588. Horizon Members: $150)

Frequency: Once every three months, subject to attendance.
Introducing our New 45 Day Intensive Power Training Led by 8 Trainers who will follow u throughout the 4 Prospecting Methods namely Door Knocking, Flyers, Telemarketing & Roadshows. Specially Designed for those who are very low in sales activity level. A Proven Course which Most Graduates are able to Develop Power Habits after Attending it.




(See "Horizon Events" for Schedule)

WOW ($1688. Horizon Members: $150)

Frequency: Once every three to six months, subject to attendance.
SESSION 1 (1hr)

TRAINER - JOHN LEE - ERA Group Division Director - ERA TOP 50 Achievers 2010 & 2011, ERA Top Manager 2010, ERA Top Recruiter 2012

Topic - Welcome to Horizon Group & ERA Orientation!!

(straight after John's lesson)

SESSION 2 (4hrs)

TRAINER - EUGENE LEE - ERA Senior Division Director - ERA TOP Achievers 2007 to 2012, TOP 50 Achievers 2009, 2010, 2012

Topic - Do not underestimate yourself - IT'S ALL IN YOUR MIND! Achieve the IMPOSSIBLE by experiencing the LIFE-CHANGING experience through EUGENE LEE!

Goal Setting is the 1st Step to Success & How to Hunt Prospects like a "TIGER".

- Effective Telemarketing and Objection Handling

SESSION 3 (3hrs)

TRAINER - VICTOR HU - ERA Deputy Division Director - ERA Best Customer Service Award (Aug 2013)

Topic - Designing the Advert That Can Kill For Flyers

SESSION 4 (3hrs)

TRAINER - BRYAN TIAN - ERA Division Director 

Topic - How to Advise Clients like a Pro? - HDB Financial Calculation

+ HDB New Rulings

SESSION 5 (3hrs)

TRAINER - CODY SIM - ERA Senior Division Director - ERA TOP 50 Achievers 2010

Topic - HDB Time Line + Difficult HDB Case Study lke POA, Divorce

etc + Objection Handling

SESSION 6 (4 hrs)

TRAINER - EUGENE LEE - ERA Senior Division Director - ERA TOP Achievers 2007 to 2012, TOP 50 Achievers 2009, 2010, 2012

Topic - Advance Exclusive Presentation & Objection Handling.- How to Piece Up All Information Gathered & Give an A-Star

Presentation to your Clients!!

- 5 Compelling Reasons Why Singapore Property Prices Would Go Up!

SESSION 7 (3 hrs)

TRAINER - CHARLES TAN  - ERA Assistant Division Director- SAEA Excellence Award Winner 2010 & 2011

Topic - Rental Procedures with Practical Case Studies

SESSION 8 (3 hrs)

TRAINER - LOUIS KO - ERA Division Director - ERA Top 200 Achievers 2012

Topic - The Powerful Negotiator

- Conducting Open House

SESSION 9 (3 hrs)

TRAINER - JENNA LEONG - ERA Deputy Division Director

Topic - Secrets of Effective Ways and Techniques of Selling New Projects!


SESSION 10 (3 hrs)

TRAINER - ZEL YOONG - ERA Deputy Division Director

Topic - The Important Know-Hows On Private Properties Cases And Procedures; Serving Buyers is as Easy as 123?; The Power of Internal Co-Broking; How to Stand Out your Advert from the Rest

SESSION 11 (3 hrs)

TRAINER - ALAN WEE -  ERA Deputy Division Director - Vast Experience in Real Estate Industry And With A Property Developer And Enbloc Consultancy Firm

Topic - Venturing Into Landed Properties - Learn Things That Others Would Not Share With You On Landed Properties!